Our Approach

At MacMillan Homes every project is unique and custom because each of our clients are different.  

We approach every job, no matter how big or small, with an openness to understand exactly what our client wants and needs. With our years of experience in renovations, new builds and almost all home trades we bring a very rounded and creative knowledge to every job.

With plans completed, each job begins with a respect for where we’re working.  Often renovations are occurring while a family is still living in the space. We take care to keep mess to the very minimum, clean as we go and each day leave the site tidy. It can be difficult to live comfortably during a renovation and it’s important to work with contractors that understand that the finished project is not the only goal. An organized, clean and well planned project makes the process easier and more positive for everyone involved.

Once a job is complete MacMillan Homes makes the extra effort to visit later to find out how the finished space is working for our client.  Sometimes a choice on paper doesn’t always translate as hoped and a client may like to see some changes. 

The extra care we take from start to finish is truly what sets us apart.

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