Waterfront Pine ceilings


The focus of waterfront projects, is the view of the water.The great room with a traditional wood burning or modern gas fireplace, with lots of living space, and a great cottage accent pine ceilings.

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New homes on the water

Building new homes on the waterfront comes with unique challenges.
Meeting the requirements for set back from waters edge, limits the building site “envelope”.
These challenges, require a builder with experience in waterfront projects. 
     MacMillan Homes “There is no substitute for experience.”

Water Front Renovations / Radiant Floor Heating

On a recent project having radiant heating In the floor was requested by the client. We installed radiant floor heating under a large tile floor area. During a severe cold spell last winter, as fate would have it, their furnace failed. Much to there delight the radiant floor heating kept this large home comfortable until repairs could be made to the furnace.

MacMillan Homes “There is no substitute for experience.”

Radiant Floor Heating Basement

Radiant Floor Heating Living Room

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor Heating Bathroom

Water Front Renovations/Natural Stone Fireplace

On a Recent water front renovation the cottage had been in the family for a long time. The project was centered around a rustic fieldstone fireplace, that held a lot of memories and was very important to the client. We removed and stored the stone prior to demolition, we rebuilt the fireplace and found local stone that we split and worked in. Thus creating a new rustic fireplace, the place for new memories to be made for the next generation.

waterfront home

waterfront porch

waterfront fireplace

MacMillan Homes “There is no substitute for experience.”

Winter Renovation

Building and renovating can be challenging in the winter time. Here is a shot of our current waterfront addition/ renovation project as we set the main beam for the new addition along with our daily routine of shoveling snow!


MacMillan Homes ….”there is no substitute for experience.”