You in 2012, you mentioned – and I don’t remember what the context is when I interviewed

- you talked about you are thinking about the prejudices that minorities have against other minorities, and you also thought that which was a comedy area that is really good. And you also work that into the brand brand new show in that there’s a woman that is indian do not obtain the arranged wedding she ended up being likely to have. And she married a Muslim guy, after which they divorced, and none associated with the feamales in this specific Indian community desire to talk she had married a Muslim man with her because. Is the fact that a good example of that which you had been referring to with regards to prejudices some minorities have actually about other minorities? Of course, in Asia.

GROSS: In Asia, Hindus aren’t a minority, however in America they’ve been.

KALING: Yeah, absolutely. I do believe this is certainly absolutely a typical example of that. We have seen firsthand the racism that Hindus feel towards Muslims due to, you understand – it really is strange to inherit a prejudice as a result of something which’s located in India, you understand, because i do believe it is about Kashmir problems and merely the difficulties that take destination in Asia, and after that you’re expected to inherit them if you are right here, too. Continue reading