Harvard Sex Week “Fetish Survey” Reveals Typical Sexual Tactics & Intrigue

CalExotics and Students Bring Fetish speak to the Forefront with over 50% Openly Sharing They Have private Fetishes

A survey that is new by adult novelty manufacturer CalExotics at Harvard Sex Week previously this month reveals that fetishes are much more prevalent than we think. Almost 50 % of those surveyed state they either have sexual fetish or think they usually have a sexual fetish, and much more than 50 % have actually told someone of a fetish they find interesting. The study outcomes had been collected during an interactive ” Fetishes course that is a-Z by CalExotics’ resident sexologist, Dr. Jill McDevitt, within a keynote at Harvard Sex Week on November 1, 2018.

” As a topic that garners plenty of psychological responses, the Harvard Sex Week attendees remained in a position to step right back and engage the materials in a scholastic means, challenging unique biases and asking smart questions, ” stated McDevitt. “Students during the course had been very involved and thoughtful within their reactions. These people were additionally in a position to have a lot of enjoyment! “

Key Fetish Findings:

  • When inquired about attitudes toward fetishes, 22% stated “yes be sure to, ” and another 40% stated “I’m fascinated. ” Just 18% thought fetishes had been “kinda strange”
  • 43% stated they either have or think they will have a fetish
  • 45% stated that the partner has expressed desire for a fetish that is specific
  • 53% have actually told somebody in regards to a fetish they’ve been enthusiastic about
  • In comparison side-by-side with a listing of existing fetishes, those who emerged as most interesting towards the students were humiliation and energy

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