Our Team

Since the early 1940’s the name MacMillan has been associated with high quality craftsmanship. A company that first made its mark as Master Stone Masons in the prestigious “Caledon Hills”; grew into a company known for building high quality unique homes. 

Kevin MacMillan

Kevin MacMillanIn 1975 Kevin took over the building business, marking the start of the third generation in this tradition. In 1988 Kevin and his wife Gail and their children moved to the Georgian Bay, Ontario area, starting a new chapter in the family business.

Since that time, Kevin’s experience and reputation in the industry has seen him involved in projects in Toronto, Elliotville, New York and Japan.

Kevin brings his long and varied experience to the business. His strength is in solid planning and a thorough mastery of building techniques. The issues involved in renovating and adding on to a home are as unique as the home. Kevin can anticipate and plan for these issues, clearing the way for a smooth project. There is nothing he will come across in your home that he has not seen – he can cope with the existing structural challenges known or yet-to-be-discovered.

Gail MacMillan

Gail MacMillanGail provides administration in the office as well as business planning – setting goals and focus for the family business.

Gail brings her eye for design to the family business. She has a background in interior design and her opinion is a valued asset in design-rebuild projects. Her enthusiasm and passion for achieving the results the clients desire adds great value to the experience.



Garrett MacMillan

Garret MacMillan

Garrett joined MacMillan Homes as an Apprentice; a fourth generation dedicated to quality, dependable craftsmanship and implementing excellent problem solving skills and product knowledge.

Garrett is a perfectionist. This is reflected in the quality of his tiling and finish work, a painstaking craft that he has mastered. Customers appreciate Garrett’s ability to listen and draw out their needs and ideas, working closely with them to plan their new spaces.



With MacMillan Homes you know your cottage or waterfront renovation project will be in experienced, skilled and trusted hands. Call us today for a free consultation to see how we can help make your project a reality.