About MacMillan Homes

A History of Quality Craftsmanship

Since the early 1940’s the name MacMillan has been associated with high quality craftsmanship. A company that first made its mark as Master Stone Masons in the prestigious “Caledon Hills”; grew into a company known for building high quality unique homes.

A Family Business

macmillanfamilyIn 1975 Kevin took over the building business, marking the start of the third generation in this tradition. In 1988 Kevin and his wife Gail and their children moved to the Georgian Bay, Ontario area, starting a new chapter in the family business.

In 2005 Garrett joined MacMillan Homes; a fourth generation dedicated to quality, dependable craftsmanship. He became a partner in the business in 2009 to carry on the family tradition.

Renovations for Living

Today the focus of the business is on additions and renovations.

Our approach is to work closely with each homeowner to ensure that their individual preferences and tastes are incorporated, and that the end result is an experience tailored to each customer’s needs. We provide professional, skillful and effective solutions to each renovation. We specialize in improving your living space, increasing the value and enjoyment of your home or turning your cottage into a four season retreat.

No Substitute for Experience

If you are looking for a company with high quality workmanship, clear timelines, project management and competitive pricing with a turn key completion, phone Garrett@705-527-3874 or Kevin@705-529-5862.